About Infinite Tai Chi

Infinite Tai Chi 

Infinite Tai Chi has been created by Master Jason Chan specially to meet the needs of individuals in our modern world. It is a gentle but powerful form of flowing movement that will restore your inner peace of mind, strengthen and revitalize your physical body and calm your emotions. 

Some of the many benefits gained from learning Infinite Tai Chi are: Rejuvenation, Longevity, Natural Health, Inner-Strength, Grace and Beauty.

    Infinite Meditation

Infinite Meditation is an art by which you can re-master your life essence, the breath, and relax the physical body, still your emotions, calm your mind at will, and help to speed up the natural healing process. Through Infinite Meditation you can release yourself from the world of conflicts, stress and storms of the personality, and enter the centre of calm and tranquility that lies within.

               Infinite Chi Kung  

Infinite Chi Kung combines deep breathing exercises and bodywork, utilizing different postures and movements to help to recapture the universal essence or ‘CHI’ life force within all of us. These techniques can be taken into your everyday life to reduce stress, promote stamina and overall well-being, and regain sense of empowerment, vitality and mental tranquility. Regular practice is therefore excellent preventative medicine.

The harmony of mind and breath is the fundamental key to Infinite Tai Chi exercise and energy control.